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SAFARILICIOUS - Export your safari bookmarks to

Safarilicious 1.0. Finally Leopard compatible and Universal Binary.

1.0 is a complete rewrite with a much more accessible ui. is a superb service. One can upload his bookmarks, tag them, view them from anwhere (as long as "anywhere" is somehow connected to the internet), make them available to other people, or simply browse other people's bookmarks. There is a wide array of different tools which help in managing or creating new links.

Export or update your bookmarks

But how do you get all your bookmarks to in the first place?
That's where Safarilicious comes into play. Safarilicious parses your Safari bookmarks and allows to export them to your account. And even more, it has a nifty Update Option which, if activated, only exports those bookmarks which are not on your account yet.

Adding Tags

"But how does it add some usefull tags to my bookmarks", you ask. Good question: sorts bookmarks through tags, which are applied manually.

Safarilicous creates tags out of the folder structure of your bookmarks.

If you have a folder called "information" in your bookmarks with the folder "tech stuff" nested inside, and another folder called "css" nested inside "tech stuff", Safarilicous creates the two following tags:

information, tech_stuff, css

Add additional Tags

In addition to that, Safarilicious allows to set additional tags which will then be applied to each of your bookmarks. One could set a "export_home" and a "export_work" tag to differentiate between the bookmarks which are exported at work and those which are exported at home.

Ignore certain folders

And if you have certain folders which contain private or classified links, like for example the adress of your companie's web-site administration area, you can simply tell Safarilicious which folders to ignore. All bookmarks in these folders won't be processed by Safarilicous


Main UI
Ignore Folders


  • Export your Safari Bookmarks to
  • Update: Only export those bookmarks which aren't on there yet
  • Generate tags out of your bookmark folder structure
  • Add additional tags to label your exported bookmarks
  • Remove individual folders from the export

Download Current Version (1.0, Leopard+ only):

1.0.0 (620kb, .dmg)

Download Old Version (for 10.3 or 10.4):

0.7.7 (800kb, .dmg)

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