Native Gimp (read: no X11 anymore) coming to Mac OS X

January 28th, 2006 in Apple, Design Ressources, Mac Apps, Web Development, Workflow |

Soon you all may be able to use Gimp without that nasty X11 starting in the background (and slowing down your Mac).
Gimp uses the so-called Gtk+ toolkit to display it’s widgets & visible elements. Gtk had originaly been developed for use in Gimp but then continued on a bright path conquering all kinds of territory; it’s now Gnome’s official toolkit, used as the standard-toolkit for Mono (an Open Source .net development) and thus drives a lot of open source applications. Now some people have been working hard on porting it to Mac OS X – natively, that is without any X11. The benefit of this would be that, next to Gimp, a gigantic amount of Gnome-Applications would be available on Mac OS X. And since Gnome proposes and follow a HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) which is quite close to Apple’s, there’s a good reason to look forward to this event.

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